Sean & Kerri Hoffman

Hi we are both Disney enthusiasts that specialize in Disney Vacations that include Disney World, Disney Land, Disney Cruises and Adventures by Disney.  We have two girls that are currently 13 and 8.  We have been going to Disney World since our oldest daughter was 5.  Thru the years of going to Disney we have made just about every mistake you could think of and have learned from those mistakes which has led to us getting more for the money spent and in increasing our efficiency in touring the parks.  In learning we decided to become agents so we can advise our clients on all the things we learned so that our clients don't make the same mistakes and can get the most out of their vacations and not spend extra on items they won't use.  In contacting us about your future Disney Vacation we will not only help you book your vacation we will discuss what you are looking to do so that you only buy the items you will use, inform you of all key dates for making plans/reservations, watch for specials that Disney offers and automatically re-book your reservation at a cheaper rate if one comes available, discuss your dining preferences and perform a dining plan analysis to determine if one will save you money, provide tips for how we optimize our fast pass, provide tips one things we do in the parks to get chosen to participate in attractions such as Tales with Belle.  We will also if desired after having discussions on your desires book your sit down meals and fast passes.  For information e-mail us at