There have been times when my professional life had to grow into new dimensions, where I had to learn new trades, sometimes starting all over again, but always creating experiences and relations with people. After studying music and art in the Conservatoire Luigi Cherubini in Florence, I traveled and lived in different countries. This was a chance to learn and practice languages. Besides playing guitar and slide trombone, I started teaching to different age groups. I always had an interest in traveling and meeting other cultures, so along the way I often organized excursions for family and friends. When I returned to Italy, what was once my hobby became my passion and profession. A guide asked me to be his assistant for a week in Tuscany. It happened spontaneously, but people were like new traveling friends to me. Their feedback was that they wanted to return again. I decided to go back to studying in order not only to be an assistant, but to have full credentials to work on my own. The Tourism Institute Marco Polo in Florence, was the first step, followed by extensive courses of specialization as a guide, tour leader and hiking guide. In the past 20 years I have worked creating tours, working as a guide in Florence specializing in the Renaissance, in Tuscany, all over Italy, in France, Europe and other countries, traveling from the US to Cuba. My goal is to create great trip memories and for my guests to experience people, cultures, foods, making them feel welcome and well cared for.

MY FAMILY: I am married to Patricia. She grew up and lived in Brazil until she moved to Italy. We have a daughter, Victoria, who is 20. We live in Montecatini Terme, in Tuscany. We are blessed and are thankful and blessed to know Helene and Mark. 


Luciano Niccolai